Lace and Flower Petals | Elegant Moments Dusty Rose Lace bralette with matching panties

Lace and Flower Petals | Elegant Moments Dusty Rose Lace bralette with matching panties

Posted By Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Lace and Flower Petals | Elegant Moments Dusty Rose Lace bralette with matching panties

Lace and Flower Petals

BRAND: Elegant Moments  
ITEM: 3068 Lace bralette with underwire cups, adjustable straps and a hook and eye back closure. Matching panties included.

Valentine’s Day isn’t JUST about loving someone; it’s also about loving yourself. With all of the things you can do to love yourself this Valentine ’s Day don’t feel the need to hold back on dressing the part to please yourself either!

I found this gorgeous little piece hanging on a rack at my local Lion’s Den, the lace immediately caught my eye from across the store. And not only did I get this lacey, rose colored bralette, but matching panties were also included! And you all know how unstoppable you can feel with matching lingerie.

As soon as I picked up this piece I knew I was going to love it. But I was a tad concerned about the sizing. I’m a pear-shaped princess and for us rounder-bottom girls we need bigger space below than we do above, which always makes size-matched lingerie sets a bit difficult. Fortunately, with the new fitting rooms at Lion’s Den, I was able to pick out the size that best fit me.

Now let’s really get down to the details:

S - Sexuality 

This set gets an undeniable A+ I LOVE how playful and sexy this is. Most lace lingerie has “modesty” guards so there are no visible love-bits. But this set does NOT! And why should it? My lingerie is for myself (which *gasp* I know what my body looks like under my clothing) or for my significant other (who DEFINITELY is going to see my body under the clothing anyway). End rant. So for recap: for no modesty guards, playful design, and super sexy lace: A+ .

C - Comfort

A: for comfort. The rating here would have been higher but unfortunately the size Small was too tiny for my butt and the Medium was a tad too big for my torso. So because it wasn’t a perfectly snug fit I couldn’t award an A+

But I was genuinely pleased that this set functioned like ACTUAL lingerie! No ties but actual adjustable straps AND a hook and eye closure on the back!

R - Reliability

Give this another A! The lace in this set was a lot heavier than other lace lingerie so I feel it will take quite a bit of abuse. BUT because it’s lace I got caught on objects wearing it. I could see the panties getting caught on zippers and the bralette caught in jewelry. But hey, that’s what you get when you go for lace.

A - Affordability

I’m awarding a solid B here. The price on this piece is $29.99 which is about average on a lingerie set and with it being at that $30 mark it even makes a good Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or your S.O.

P - Practicality

Practically perfect: A! Even with the slightly off sizes I have already enjoyed wearing this set in my normal day-to-day life. It’s comfortable, sexy, and pairs well with a lot of deep v-neck shirts I have!

I’m so happy I own this piece from Elegant Moments and I am eager to see what other sets they have to purchase!

Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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