Feelin' Koi

Feelin' Koi

Posted By Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Feelin' Koi

Feelin' Koi

BRAND: Hauty
ITEM: "Koi Panty & Koi Bralette"

I love lingerie. Like really love it. It's not a truly necessary garment (except in terms of societal decency & to each their own, I suppose), so when I get myself some lingerie, I always think of it as something I WANT instead of something I NEED. Therefore, I like to take it upon myself to wear something that makes me feel confident and sexy and, of course, something that I find aesthetically pleasing and flattering to my body.

I don't want something that's going to fall apart and I don't want something to be too expensive. And I don't want something that's going to feel uncomfortable, because if that was the case I'd just go au naturel every day.

When I saw this Koi set, I knew it was the next piece I wanted to add to my negligee arsenal. The vibes of these two items were something that just felt so me. The applique koi fish are reminiscent of traditional tattoo art and the side-boob style is so fitting with the rest of the bralette! And the scales on the hips of the panties form to the curve of my body, pulling together the look.

S - Sexuality 

Giving this an A-

The pattern of the set itself is semi-modest with a high neck and full coverage panty; However the fact the base fabric is all mesh makes this set pretty sexy. There is also a small ruche on the back of the panties to create some additional booty curve.

C - Comfort

I wasn't sure with the bralette how comfortable this would be but I was so impressed. It really didn't feel like I was wearing ANYTHING! And that's a feeling I do love with my lingerie. I was so comfortable in the panties too! I have to say that the comfort of this garment is probably thanks to the soft mesh that Hauty chose. Definitely giving this an A+

R - Reliability

Reliability is something I'm not 100% positive of yet. I'm most concerned about the applique koi stitching. It is tight through the soft mesh which, with some frequent wear, may cause tearing. However, it is a reliable garment that will stay in place and do what it is designed for. With both those things in mind I am rating this a B-

A - Affordability

Rating this a C.

Even though I am so in love with this style, I feel that the bralette is slightly over priced ($24.99). Especially when you also need to purchase the panties ($12.99) to go along with it. I feel if the bralette came down a bit in price, it would be a more affordable combo. With the few times this would be worn in day-to-day life and the simplicity of the garment (to me), it just doesnít seem to justify the nearly $40 set.

P - Practicality

Rating this set a solid B

I love how the bralette can be worn as an accessory to a low-cut top or paired with a simple jacket but there isn't a LOT of practical day-to-day wear I could get out of it. However, the panties are so comfortable and can be worn with most bottom garments.

One look on the Hauty website and you'll see a plethora of other designs on par with this aesthetic. This company definitely has got an edgy style, fit for any alternative fashionista's undergarment wear. I like this set and do plan on wearing it out to most nightlife events. And I definitely canít wait to see more of the Hauty line at Lion's Den!

Special thanks to American Crow Tattoo for allowing us to shoot at their amazing studio space and the featured flash art by Ryan Campbell.

Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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