Whether it’s initiating sexual interaction with a partner, keeping it going in the moment, or even in a solo session, sometimes you might need a little help to enhance your experience for the better. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and, over time, it becomes much more common as people get older. Luckily, there are numerous different products available to help anywhere you might need it, such as desensitizing lubricants, pheromone oils, or even lotions that can enhance your experience. These products aren’t just limited to people who need help though, so be sure to consider them when looking for new ways to potentially improve your sexual activities!

Desensitizing Products:

Perfect for anyone who might be prone to overstimulation or may prematurely ejaculate, desensitizing gels, lubricants and other styles have become increasingly popular. The properties within these products allow for the user to feel a wide variety of sensations. Many balms help numb specific areas, such as the clitoris, for a short period of time to protect from over stimulation. Others act as a lubricant that can be slightly absorbed into the designated area while still providing a slick surface for intercourse. Both share similar properties, but have different uses. There are even some that can help affect your throat in order to perform oral sex without gagging or feeling strain on your tongue or jaw.

Pheromone Products:

These types of products can come in many forms. Through the use of oils, colognes and perfumes, or other scented items, pheromone products play into the body’s natural response to this chemical, attracting you to the scent or other person. There have been studies that show evidence linking these pheromones to aphrodisiacs in a way that make them extremely similar. While it may not induce sexual attractions between you and another person, it can potentially help build up confidence when interacting with others as well as improve sexual satisfaction if the situation arises. These scents and oils often mix with your own body’s natural pheromones creating a unique scent specific to you. This you’ll find most effective with a partner, but pheromones can help when you're masturbating as well.

Temperature Variant Products:

Sometimes, regular stimulation is satisfying, but just a little more could bring it from good to great. Temperature variant products like heating and cooling lubricants can be extremely useful in providing additional sensations that may be the missing piece in finding total satisfaction. While some are much more intense than others, some can provide a mixed effect, like variant condoms that provide heat for one person and cooling for the other. It is important to note that these are unique materials that allow for this type of effect, so make sure that you are not allergic or overly sensitive to them before use. Also, these products are specially made for the body and safe for intimate use, DO NOT use any muscle relaxing temperature variant patches, sprays or creams as an alternative.

These various enhancement products can be very useful in both personal and partner use when it comes to exploring new sensations. While for some they may not be necessary, for others they can be the thing that helps make sex or masturbation pleasurable again. Luckily, for the remainder of the month of May, 2021, Jelique is on sale for 20% off and features a wide variety of these products both in store and online. Be sure to consider them before your next shopping trip!