Sexy is for everybody, no matter your sex, gender, body type or anything else. Expressing oneself through their body is viewed as an art form in many different contexts. Whether it be a regular nude photo in the mirror or in your favorite lingerie spread across the bed, this expression can be liberating and a vital tool in promoting self confidence and building love for your body. Boudoir shoots are a great start as you improve your nude taking skills. Let’s take a deeper look into the art of taking the perfect nude photos!

But first...what are boudoir photos?

Boudoir is a photography theme often utilized by feminine presenting people, but is not limited to just them! Normally taken within a bedroom, boudoir is made as a celebration of one’s body to build confidence and be loose and free within their own skin. The key is this looseness as it translates to a much more natural and elegant look to the images. These poses can be as specific and planned as a normal photo shoot or even candid to show the natural form of the body when it’s relaxed. Every body type can work within boudoir shoots, and here are some poses that work perfectly for anyone with the help of Modern Muse Boudoir!

The “Casual” Babe:

Described by Modern Muse Boudoir as a focus on “confidence and allure”, this one isn’t as easy as people think due to the heavy reliance on facial expressions. While curling up on a chair, bed, or even the floor, bring one knee up and use your natural curves to help frame your body to create a fierce and elegant look!

The “Silhouette”:

Utilizing light in a way to highlight and exaggerate the body rather than present one specific part. While often hiding much of the body’s details, the natural look mixed with the mysterious nature of being locked behind a shadow can give the impression of a private freedom. For an even better look to this method, try utilizing it with a thin silk sheet or window drapes wrapped around you to provide more detail without exposing too much!

The “Bather”:

One of the sexier images people often think of is the integration of the body being wet or maybe getting out of a bath or shower. Playing into this desire, taking the photo set to the bathroom and using a towel or sheet can imply nudity that isn’t truly there. This adds more to the mysterious aspect similar to the “Silhouette” but with more detail. This can work at every angle as well, and with subtle movements it can really enhance any photo set you create!

The “Hug”:

This pose is often utilized with others to show a form of self care and love to add to the image. This nurturing technique shows comfort and stability within oneself and offers the viewer a more intimate image. Close up, this can show a vulnerable facial expression, but far away it can include other props that can enhance the image such as various lingerie pieces or other adult toys. 

It’s important to let yourself feel free and easy when taking these photos as it allows for a much more personalized touch to your sets. Individuality is one of the key elements that can make a good picture great and allowing yourself the ability to feel loose and comfortable in your body can make any picture perfect. You don’t need the perfect pose or shot, all you need is the freedom to feel confident, and utilizing these various aspects can help you get there!