Have you ever smelled something that just got your heart racing? Maybe tasted something that immediately made you feel satisfied and hungry for more? There are certain foods and scents that have shown evidence to heighten the same receptors in your brain as sexual satisfaction known as Aphrodisiacs. Some of these may seem obvious, like perfumes, colognes, and chocolate, but there are many that might surprise you. Here are a few you might consider next time you are planning a spicy night with your significant other!

Chili Peppers or Spicy Foods:

If you want to make things spicier in the bedroom, you might need to start in the kitchen! Spicier foods and peppers have shown evidence to heighten desire in people through various ways. Due to the chemical Capsaicin, which causes heat, the body’s natural defenses kick in, releasing endorphins to help dull the pain and cause pleasure. Similarly, the human brain typically finds larger, plumper lips more appealing as well which can be directly related to the consumption of spicier food. Much like a bee sting, the area in contact with this chemical will plump up. So not only is there a chemical change in your brain, but this same chemical causes a physical change that the brain interprets as something more commonly desired.


Pomegranate has long been associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology and the namesake of Aphrodisiac. Due to the many seeds within it, it became a symbol of fertility, but the juices contain so much more. Evidence suggests that the juices could help lower cortisol levels, meaning stress levels could be lowered, bringing more natural pleasure to the individual. This is not exclusive to any one sex, but as a whole. Additionally, antioxidants in pomegranate juice has been linked to the increase in blood flow. This helps benefit people immensely, but particularly penis owners as this increase in blood flow helps circulation to the penis.


Aside from often being associated with desirable foods such as desserts and other sweets, vanilla on it’s own has a very distinctive smell that can set it apart from other foods and set off pleasure receptors in the brain. These receptors can bring out sensations of relaxation and calmness, which can help regulate blood flow as well as reduce stress. 


While cinnamon has many properties that help in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, there is also some evidence that suggests that it could help in some erectile dysfunction. Additionally, there is research that suggests that the combination of cinnamon and vanilla within pumpkin pie could boost blood flow to the genitals by roughly 40%. This proves that combinations of various sources can also benefit people sexually as well. 


While some fragrances used by people can incorporate scents that are associated with pleasure, such as those listed above and more, they might consist of the perfect blend for certain individuals. Aphrodisiacs don’t need to be one size fits all, but say for example your partner always wears a specific scent. This scent, over time, could train your brain to derive pleasure from them specifically. This can be from a specific fragrance or even just their natural body odor.

While none of these foods or scents have been proven to assist in sexual habits in humans, there is evidence that suggests the potential they have in helping the body achieve a better experience as a whole. These are just some examples, but there are hundreds more out there that you can explore! While they might seem like great options, it is important to know that these are not regulated methods and should be taken with a grain of salt. If you have any underlying libido or sexual performance issues, please consult your doctor before trying aphrodisiacs or alternative methods.