Five Ways to Spice Things Up Outside of the Bedroom

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to doing the do in the bedroom. However, we rarely talk about things we can do for our significant others while not directly related to sex, can benefit in the bedroom and beyond, deepening the relationship, and creating a new level of intimacy.

1. Run Them A Bubble Bath or Hot Shower After A Long Day

After a long day of work or running around with the kids, giving your partner a little extra me time to themselves can help them unwind, especially if they had a stressful day. This particular one is great for those who have partners that work in the service industry, it provides you with a way to interact with your partner while giving them some alone time. Who knows? They might even as you to join them.

2. Cook Their Favorite Meal Or Take Them Out For A Bite To Eat

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, cooking your partner’s favorite meal is more than just a romantic gesture, as going out of your way to learn how to make it requires patience that is quite admirable. Of course, if you have no interest in flexing your culinary skills, taking them out to their favorite restaurant is just as nice.

3. Give Them A Massage (Sensual Or Not)

A massage doesn’t necessarily have to be sexy. If you notice your partner is experiencing some muscle aches, giving them a massage can ease their pain. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can gift them with a professional massage at a spa and let them make a self-care day out it.

4. Do Their Least Favorite Chore For Them

  • Everyone has a chore that they dread about doing. For some it’s cleaning the bathroom, washing the dishes, or walking the dog. Doing the task for them gives them one less thing to stress about. They’ll love you for it.

 5. Put Their Favorite Movie Or TV Show On And Snuggle Up Next Time On The Couch

Understandably, you and your partner may have a difference of opinion when it comes to your favorite shows, which can cause you to fight over the remote or retreat to separate rooms when your favorite show comes on. Take a break from your show and join them in watching theirs instead. You can snuggle up with them and maybe get a new favorite show out of it. If you’re not one for TV shows, take them out to see that movie they have been talking about and make it a date night.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s the little things that you do that can speak volumes about how you feel about someone. These are things that you can do for each other every day to remind one another that you care for each other outside of the physical. Getting to know someone outside of the bedroom can also lead to better sex.


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