31 Jan

Four Reasons to Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day

I know what you may be thinking, but hear me out for a second. Valentine’s Day: The Day of Love. The day where you celebrate the people you love and show them how much you love them in showering them with expensive boxes of chocolate, cards, gifts, food, and sex. This day of love. however can come with unnecessary pressures that can cause unwanted stress and if you didn’t make those reservations to that really hard to get into restaurant that your significant other won’t stop talking about, you might as well cancel Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to the national day of love, I personally believe that every day is an opportunity to show someone just how much you love and care for them. A particular day out of the week can’t possibly contain all the love and affection you have for someone. That’s why you have 365 days of the year. Don’t get me wrong, going out of your way to do something special on Valentine’s Day is always a lovely thing that usually never goes unnoticed, but I would like to present you with some reasons on why you shouldn’t make a big deal out of the one day and how you can make a regular day extra special for that special someone in your life.

1. Everywhere Will Be Super-Duper Crowded

On a regular day, restaurants and movie theatres are busy. We know this. Imagine Valentine’s Day. It’s probably going to be ridiculous. If you didn’t make those reservations months or weeks ago, your chances of getting into a restaurant, let alone a nice one are slim. No matter where you go most likely it will be packed and if you do manage to get in, you may end up waiting forever, or getting an unpleasant seat next to the bathroom. No thanks.

2. The Price of Flowers, Cards, and Candy Will Be Highly Inflated Just For One Day

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is just out of our budget. The special day comes with its very own price tag that is simply not realistic for some to spend their hard earned money on. Some ways to get around this are by purchasing gifts in advance like flowers and chocolate the day before, growing your own flowers and making candy from scratch, or sending e-cards or gifting your loved one with a gift card, so they can by themselves something special thanks to you.

3.  An Off Day Might Be More Convenient For You Both

Valentine’s Day usually falls on a weekday, and for some of us who have a 9-5 to stay alive, making plans on Valentine’s Day is simply not going to work. Especially if your someone who works a job with odd hours. Picking a day when you’re off or surprising your significant other on their off day with a day of surprises can be fun and the spontaneity of it all can be exciting for them.

4. Some relaxing time inside might do the trick

Sometimes a nice relaxing day at home is more meaningful then a romantic day or night out. There are so many things you can do at home that doesn’t require waiting in line to get into a fancy restaurant or buying an expensive gift. You can order food or cook a nice meal for your significant other. You can binge watch their favorite TV show with them while cozying up on the couch with the bedroom not too far away for when things start to get hot and steamy. This one is my personal favorite.

Final Thoughts

While I am not discouraging anyone from celebrating on Valentine's Day, I do want those who may not be able to celebrate on that day due to other obligations or those who get overwhelmed with making plans for their significant other to know that it’s okay to switch things up and take a non-traditional route to celebrating the day of love. You can also visit your local Lion’s Den location for some sexy idea’s guaranteed to make your significant other happy about doing things different this Valentine’s Day.

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23 Jan

Cal Exotics Pavé Diana

The new Cal Exotics Pave sex toy line is for those who expect nothing but the finer things in life like a powerful vibrator made from high quality materials with some added glitz and glam for the cherry on top. Not to mention that it comes in this beautiful blue color. Let’s take a deeper look.


  • Made Of Silicone And ABS Plastic
  • Dual Tickling Ears
  • 7 Functions Of Vibration With 5 Independent Speeds
  • Design Crystal Inlaid Controller
  • Completely Waterproof
  • One-Year Manufactures Warranty Included


  • 4 inches in total length

How to Use

To turn on the Cal Exotics Pave Diana, simply press and hold the Crystal Inlaid Controller (power button) for 3 seconds and it will buzz to life. Use the same controller to cycle through 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation with 5 independent speeds until you find the perfect combo that works for you. To turn the Cal Exotics Pave Diana off, simply press and hold the same crystal controller for 2 seconds and it will power off.

Tiffy’s Review

The Cal Exotics Pave Diana is a clitoral stimulator with a powerful motor and gorgeous body. It has a cylinder shape that has a slightly tapered appearance as the widest part of it is the handle, making it comfortable to hold in the hand. It features a crystal inlaid controller in the base used for turning the Pave Diana on/off and cycling through the 7 vibration functions, a plus and minus on the side, and a dual tickling ears that vibrate at the same time to give you maximum stimulation. The entire Pave line, no matter which model you choose to purchase comes in this cute powdery blue color that I love.

Because clitoral stimulation is my thing, I always look for vibrators that cannot only provide power, but make good on the delivery of those vibrations. The more transmits the vibrations very well to the clitoral arms and when you turn it on, you can see them vibrating like crazy, even at the first vibration speed setting. Speaking of settings, it comes with 7 vibration functions and 5 speed settings for a whopping 35 different combination patterns. I’m a huge fan of this as having a customizable experience with any sex toy, lets the user make the toy their own.

For the most part, I typically like to just clitoral stimulation during solo-play. On some occasions however, I like to pair it with some internal stimulation which can help intensify orgasms for some. To do this, I will use a dildo or another vibrator that can be used for internal stimulation. Because the Cal Exotics Pave Diana is small and fits nicely in the hand, it can be used during penetrative sex, as it can fit between two partners without getting in the way. Using it on the nipples during foreplay doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

Tiffy’s Tip: Always remember to used water-based lubricant with your silicone sex toys, as silicone-based lubricant can potentially ruin the silicone of your sex toy and void the manufacturer’s warranty. As an alternative, oil-based lubricant can be used, just do a spot test prior to use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cal Exotics Pave Diana isn’t just another pretty face. It packs a lot of power in small package while maintain functionality and style. Be sure to check out the entire Cal Exotics Pave line at your local Lion’s Den store location or on Lionsden.com.

Perfect Pairings

  • Water-based Lubricant
  • Your Partner
  • And insertable vibe for dildo

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16 Jan

So you wanna do butt stuff

If you’re open to the idea of anal play, but aren’t quite sure where to start, check out this article to help get you started:

Understanding the anus

Before you go shoving things up there, it’s best to understand your butthole and how it works. The anus is one of the most densely nerve packed areas of the body. Stimulating this area (regardless of your genitalia) will produce pretty intense sensations. These nerves are shared with the genitals called the pudendal nerve.

The inside of the anus has two sphincters. These are muscular rings that act as guards for bodily waste and intrusion. The first ring which is closest to the anus is malleable and generally very cooperative when it comes to insertion. The internal ring cannot be controlled by sheer will as it is part of your autonomic nervous system (like your breathing or heartbeat). It will, however, relax for a bowel movement.

Maintenance and cleaning

One of the best ways to care for your butthole is to eat well. A poor diet can result in unpleasant excrement which can in turn cause tearing or odors. Making sure you’re well hydrated in also an important part of taking care of your body (and your butthole).

Before play, feel free to give yourself a quick wash to make sure there is no remaining debris. If you don’t have time for a shower, biodegradable baby wipes are great in a pinch and they fit in a backpack, purse, or glovebox.

Now onto anal douching. Douching is the act of squirting water up the anus to push out any fecal matter. There are a variety of types of anal douches you can purchase (https://goo.gl/KjgCxq) so it’s kind of up to you what you’d prefer. When using a douche, keep in mind that your anus has both good and bad bacterial so if you opt to douche, you’re flushing out both.

All this might seem like a lot of work, and in some instances it is. All the prep work and cleaning can take away some of the fun spontaneity, but often times when first starting out can help both parties feel more comfortable. Ultimately, it’s up to you (and your partner) to decide with what you are and are not comfortable.   

If you have any butt/intestinal related medical concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor to make sure anal is safe for you.

Getting started

Getting acquainted with your brown eye is best done in the shower. So hop in, lather up, and feel your butthole. Making sure to keep any soap out of it, move your finger around; get your body used to having your butthole touched. As you get used to this sensation, your body will relax which will make inserting a well-lubricated finger/object later much easier.

If you’re wanting to try anal sex with a partner, start with a small toy or finger. You’re not going to be able to properly accommodate most penis sizes if you’ve never inserted anything before. Anal kits with a graduated plug size can be a great way to slowly work your booty up to something more substantial.


The anus is not like the mouth or vagina meaning is does not have its own natural lubrication. Because it doesn’t get slick on its own, it’s up to the anus owner or partner to ensure it does. A thick, water based anal lubricant is a great place to start especially if you’re using it with toys. Keep in mind that a water based lubricant may require more than one application as it can get absorbed by the body.

If you’re wanting something that doesn’t require multiple applications, a silicone lubricant is the way to go. A word of warning; do not use silicone lubricant with non-glass/metal toys. The make-up of a silicone lubricant is often not compatible with toys and can ruin the material of your toy.

The best way to ensure the anus is fully lubricated is to purchase a lube shooter for the most seamless (and let’s face it, less messy) lubricant application.

*Penetration without proper lubrication can cause tearing which can lead to pain, bleeding, or a possible ER trip. Use lubrication.

Numbing creams

The use of numbing creams can help an anxious user be more relaxed when it comes to anal insertion, but use it sparingly. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong. As I mentioned above, penetration without proper lubricant can cause tearing so if you’re numb, you may not be able to feel it and can cause further damage.

As an alternative to numbing creams/gels, try freezing a small amount of water based lubricant and inserting it into the anus. The coldness will help numb the anal cavity slightly while the lubricant will help keep things slick. It also provides a fun sensation to the anus.

Types of toys

Anything that goes in your butt needs to have a taper or base. A taper is the widening of a toy so that the bottom is larger than the rest of it. This will prevents the toy from completely inserted. The reason this is important is because the anus will contract which can result in a non-tapered toy getting sucked in with no way to retrieve it. Often times, this can result in a trip to the ER which is a major mood killer.

I generally recommend using only medical grade silicone toys when it comes to anal play. They’re less porous which makes clean up much easier. For more information on toy care and toy materials, see our other blog post: http://www.lionsden.com/blog/How-to-clean-toys/

Wrap it up

Condoms, dental dams, and latex gloves are smart when it comes to anal play (whether with a partner or alone). They reduce the risk of STIs which is 30% more likely to happen when engaging in anal intercourse. The reason for this increased risk is because the anus is more absorbent than the vagina and is also more susceptible to microscopic tearing. In order to guard against these infections, have your partner use a condom before play. Additionally, if you and your partner are switching from anal to vaginal sex, use a different condom.

Protective barriers also help keep your toys and hands tidy. When dealing with the anus, you may encounter fecal matter which can carry its own set of bacteria. Any preventative measures you can take to keep this bacteria from you partner or your toys should be taken.


One of the most important things about sex (not just butt stuff) is communication. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, speak up! Your partner is not a mind reader and can’t know if things don’t feel right for you. Remember, your partner wants you to enjoy this experience as much as they are, so if things aren’t going well, make sure to let them know.

If the penetration feels off, don’t hesitate to take a break and come back to it later. If, in the end, timing, positioning, or the general rhythm just isn’t working, don’t sweat it; you can try again another day.

09 Jan

The New Year Feels Like: Velvet


BRAND: Oh La La Cherie Paris: Real Lingerie

ITEM: Amalie #23-10607 (dusty turquoise)


A new year, a new you… And of course, with a new year comes new fashion trends. I’m very happy to see velvet making a comeback, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about velvet panties. When I saw the Oh La La Cherie: Real Lingerie hanging on the rack, though, I wanted to find out. The color was the immediate draw for me, then the sexy crisscross lacing and, finally, the velvet. After I got home, I was given the answer I sought: I LOVE VELVET PANTIES!

Now...I have a confession to make with you all. After looking up the brand’s website to get all the information on these fantastic velvet underpants, I noticed that the crisscross lacing is apparently supposed to be in the FRONT. Well friends…that is NOT how I wore them. But in all honesty, with the pair I own, wearing them the way the website shows would be a whole other type of wedgee. 


S - Sexuality

is a solid A. I love how soft and sexy these are. The delicate lace trim around the panties adds some extra flare but the crisscross right above the butt is definitely what gives this a high rating. 


C - Comfort

This pair of panties is something I can comfortably wear all day without question. The fabric is soft to the skin and the crisscross lacing doesn’t bunch in an uncomfortable way. The size I chose for myself is also perfectly comfortable; it isn’t too snug or too lose and it fits as all comfortable underwear should. Therefore, I’m going to give these an A+ 


R - Reliability

Is another solid A I haven’t noticed any fabric shedding so, if these are washed in a delicates bag and hung to dry, they should easily last you throughout the new year. 


A - Affordability

The Lion’s Den price on this piece is $10.99!!! This is a major win in my book. A+! I can’t ever seem to find panties of this style and quality for less than $15, so this is such a great buy. And Lion’s Den usually has a BOGO deal for their panties, so this can sweeten the deal even more. 


P - Practicality 

Another A. I can’t see how they wouldn’t be practical, especially with me feeling so highly of them in the other areas. 

I highly recommend these panties for your new year! They’re everything a lady could want to build up a new lingerie drawer. So finally throw out all those old panties you don’t wear that aren’t sexy or comfy and get these! 


Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs

Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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27 Dec

Keep Calm and Stay WARM!


BRAND: RoadKill

ITEM: Fuckity


Okay, so it’s not lingerie, but this hoodie is something you’re definitely going to want this winter. If not for what it says but for how amazingly comfy it is!

I don’t have nearly enough hoodies in my closet or nearly enough shirts that have my favorite word printed all over them. My usual issue with hooded sweaters is I can never find one that is soft enough, is my style, and doesn’t pull on my neck. Well everyone, I found it!


S –- Sexuality

Okay, so it isn’t exactly fair to rate a hoodie for its sexual prowess. But you could make it part of a sexy-ish outfit by wearing it with some cute booty shorts, thigh highs, and those slipper boots every female seems to wear during this time of year.


C - Comfort

A-FREAKING-PLUS! I could not be more thrilled with how cozy this hooded sweater is! I actually wore it all day after taking the photos in it, then proceeded to fall asleep wearing it. The fabric inside is very plush and isn’t like other hooded novelty sweater (this one actually will keep you warm). 


R - Reliability


I’ve gotta say, this is probably one of the highest quality items I’ve gotten at Lion’s Den. The seams are straight, the surging on the edges isn’t wobbly or too small, and it’s a pre-shrunk material! That means when I try it on, I know that’s the size it’s going to stay no matter how many times I wash it or dry it!


A - Affordability

You guys. This. Hoodie. Is. Only: $29.75. And it’s WELL worth the price! I generally see hoodies of similar uniqueness and quality going for $40 or more. A+ Get this shizz while you can!


P –- Practicality 

Well this is probably the only place I need to rate this lower than an A+…so A-. If you’re ballsy enough you could wear this pretty much anywhere, but some private venues may ask you to take it off.

My answer: Get a shirt to wear underneath that also says “fuck”

And maybe you aren’t one of those people who like your shirts to curse because you prefer to offer your obscenities verbally. If so, don’t feel left out because there are a LOT more hoodies from this company you can choose from to stock up for the coming winter!

Either way, I’m definitely going to be getting a TON of use out of this and will more than likely be heading back for more obscene comfort.


Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs

Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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20 Dec

Your Guide to the Cal Exotics Red Hots


When it comes to vibrators, pin-point stimulation is my absolute favorite. So when I got the opportunity to try the CalExotics Red Hots, I was pretty much in vibrator heaven. If you’re looking to purchase one these bad boys, which will you choose?



-          Made of Silicone

-          Easy one button control

-          USB rechargeable

-          Waterproof

-          Has 10 patterns and intensities

-          Comes in three styles (Spark, Ember, and Flare)

-          One year warranty included


Noise Level- Quiet


Tiffy’s Review

First off, the major difference between all the CalExotics Red Hots is their heads. The silicone on these vibes are soft and silky. All of them deliver pin-point stimulation. But let’s talk about how that differentiates with each one.


Before we do that however, let’s talk about the vibrations. They are strong, rumbly and reach deep. I’m a huge fan of the first patterns, which are intensities. There’s three of them. I’m not really a pattern type of gal, but with 7 different patterns to choose from and those three intensities, there’s something for everyone with this vibe.


There is a slight delay when turning the Red Hots on. This delay is about 3 seconds long and is a great added feature for those who are worried about their toys accidentally turning on. And because they are waterproof, cleaning is a breeze, and you can play with them in the shower or bath.


Spark- While all the heads of the red hots are flexible, the spark in my opinion has the most flexible head. Because of this, the vibrations aren’t delivered as strongly when the tip of the head is applied to the clitoris. What makes the Spark so unique is that it has a flickering motion that it does when turned on. Great for applying to the clit for a unique sensation.


Ember- The Ember is what I would describe as a skinny finger. You can use the tip for some very precise pin-point stimulation or lay it flat for some broad stimulation. This particular Red Hot is the one I would recommend for couples and those who like to use vibrators for teasing their partner or touching erogenous zones.


Flare- This one is my personal favorite. The head on this one is very similar to bunny ears. They deliver vibrations beautifully and those pointy bunny ears feel delicious when my clit is sandwiched between them.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the CalExotics Red Hots is a great vibe. They have powerful vibrations, there waterproof, and great for travel. With 10 vibrations patterns and 3 different styles to choose from, the CalExotics Red Hots has something to offer for everyone.


Rating: 9/10


Suggested Items to Pair:

- Water-Based Lubricant


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13 Dec

Satisfyer Penguin Next Generation Review

Maybe you already heard about the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation or its predecessor Satifyer Pro 2 and was looking into purchasing one until you saw the nozzle and thought to yourself “My clit can’t fit in there.” Well don’t fret, as the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation may solve that issue.


  • Made of silicone and ABS plastic
  • Waterproof
  • 11 Pressure wave settings
  • Rechargeable
  • Added +/- button

How it works

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation delivers touchless clitoral stimulation by placing the head of the toy onto the clitoris. This provides a combination of suction and vibration which can give mind-blowing orgasms.

Tiffy’s Review

The biggest changes from the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation to note are the +/- button so you can now easily scroll through intensities and go back to the lower levels of intensity when you want instead of having to turn the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation off and start over. The Satisfyer Penguin Next Generation features a compact design that fits nicely in the hand and large head for pin-point stimulation.

I find that the larger opening makes it easier for me to target my clit because the head is quite large. The sensation can be described as a combination of vibration, suction, and light tapping. This gave me very intense orgasms than what I would normally get from a traditional vibrator. I also found this particular model of the Satisfyer series to fit well between me and my partner during intercourse without interruption.


Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure whether or not you should get the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation or the Satisfyer Penguin Next Generation, I encourage you to base your decision on the design aspect alone as the specs of these toys are very similar. If you’re someone who likes the compact design and wide oval head, then the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is for you. I do however encourage you to visit your local Lion’s Den sex shop and explore all the models from the Satisfyer Pro Series.


Suggested Items to Pair

  • Water-Based lube
  • Your Favorite Dildo or Partner


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10 Dec

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a little something to add some extra holiday cheer? These gift ideas make great naughty stocking stuffers and they’re perfect if you’re planning to do any traveling this holiday season. Plus, they’re all under $25!

Jo Hyrid Lubricant with Coconut by System Jo

If you’re looking for a new lubricant to help you slide into the New Year, the System Jo Coconut Hybrid is a great option! It’s silkier than a standard water based lubricant so it will last longer and it’s toy and condom friendly!

Shine Organic Toy Cleaner by Sliquid

After you’ve checked out our Holiday Gift guide, make sure you grab some toy cleaner to keep these new toys looking and feeling like new. As a plus, the packaging is so beautiful and discreet you can leave it on your bathroom counter and no one will be any the wiser!


Massage Candle by Kama Sutra

Give your love a good rub down after a long day with these sinfully fragrant massage candles. Just light the wick and 10-15 minutes later, you’ll have a lovely pool of warm (not hot) massage oil to soothe away any aches and pains. The handle spout even makes it easy to pour so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Available in Tahitian Sandalwood, Tropical Mango, Coconut Pineapple, Island Passionfruit, and Mediterranean Almond


Vibrating Mascara by Screaming O

Got a lady in your life who is always on the go and values discretion? This vibe is a match made in heaven! This highly discreet vibe has three different vibrations and is perfect for travel; just throw it in a bag and go!


Comfortably Numb Throat Spray by Pipedream


If your partner or friend is wanting to up their BJ game, this numbing throat spray will do the trick! The numbing agent lessens the gag reflex allowing the user to go further than ever before. Available in spearmint, cinnamon, and mint chocolate.



The Fetish Coloring Book by Magnus Frederiksen

Got an artist in your life? This coloring book is 50 pages of erotic, sensual, and intriguing photos just waiting to be filled in! It gives a whole new meaning to “adult coloring book”!


Wine Scented Bath Bombs by Kheper

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to relax is with a bath and a glass of wine. So why not jazz up the bath with some wine scented bath bombs! Choose from three intoxicating flavors: Shiraz, Chardonnay, or Sangria.


Hex Condoms by Lelo

Flexible, thin, and strong, these condoms have gotten rave reviews for months. Truly a design and engineering marvel, these latex, honeycomb design condoms take protection to a whole new level!


Sex! Scratch Ticks by Khepher

Put your sack session to chance with these fun sex scratch off tickets. No need to worry; every ticket is a winner!


Easy Beat Egg by Tenga

For an on-the-go dude, these portable masturbation eggs are a dream! The soft skin-like texture and ribbed interior will take him to the next level. Available in over 15 different textures!


Cyberskin Renew Powder by Topco

If you picked up a Real-Skin toy this holiday season, make sure you get some toy powder to go along with it! This powder will keep the toy soft and help it last for as long as possible.


Liquid V for Men by Body Action

Up your dude’s pleasure with this stimulating gel. Just a little bit and he’ll be off like a shot!

Warm and Buzzy by System Jo

Enhance your every touch with this clitoral stimulating gel. This maximum strength cream will have her warm and buzzy all night long!


06 Dec

 TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager by Doc Johnson

Choosing a vibrator that suites all your needs can be a bit difficult sometimes. Maybe you want something that can be used for a variety of things, or something unique. If so, the TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager by Doc Johnson might be just what you’re looking for.


-          Made of silicone

-          Rechargeable

-          Splash-proof

-          Can be used as a couples toy and for solo play

-          3 powerful, quiet 7 function

-          Has three powerful motors

-          Includes a black storage pouch

Vibrator Strength: Strong

Vibrator Noise Level: Quiet

Charge: Lasts 90 minutes


How does it work?

The TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager by Doc Johnson cam be used by both sexes as a couple’s toy or for solo play. It features two motors, 2 in the arms and one in the base.

Tiffy’s Review

I didn’t know exactly where to start with the TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager by Doc Johnson. Looking at this toy, I immediately admired its shape and how well it fit in the palm of my hand. Since my personal hotspots are my clit and my tits, I started there. I positioned the TRYST on my clit for that my clit would be sandwiched between the arms which felt great paired with the vibrations. It felt as though my clit was vibrating from the inside.

The design of this vibrator is so unique that it can be used on anyone in a multitude of ways. It can be used on couples of the same sex and or opposite sex and as a solo toy for both as well. I also like the color choice Doc Johnson chose to pair with this toy. It comes available in black and purple. Since it doesn’t necessarily market itself towards a specific gender, I would call this a gender-neutral vibe.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend the TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager by Doc Johnson to those looking for something that completely deviates from what is known as a conventional-looking vibrator. Use it with your guy friend and your girlfriend.


Suggested Items to Pair

•             Water-Based lube

•             Your Favorite Dildo or Partner


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03 Dec

Holiday Gift Guide: Couples Edition

As the weather gets colder, you know the holiday season is fast approaching. Don’t get caught with your pants down when it comes to exchanging gifts. Check out our holiday gift guide to take some of the guess work out of selecting the perfect gift for you and your lover.


Tryst by Doc Johnson

If you and your partner are minimalists or want a toy that does it all, this multi erogenous zone massager for you! Tryst is designed with both females and males in mind and is extraordinarily versatile. It can be wrapped around the penis for a solo session or worn as a c-ring with a partner. It’s also flexible enough for clit, g-spot, or nipple stimulation. With three powerful motors, seven vibration patters, separate base and arm controls, this is a toy you shouldn’t live without!


Eva II by Dame

Don’t be fooled by its small stature; this little bug is quite the hornet! The flexible wings are tucked into the labia while the body of the toy is nestled right up against the clitoris which makes for a phenomenal hands-free experience. Easy to use, rechargeable, and waterproof, this is probably the most adorable vibrator you will ever own!


We Vibe Sync by We Vibe

If you’ve been around the sex toy world, you have no doubt heard about this technological marvel. With its adjustable U-shaped design, this toy is one of the best it its class to be worn during intercourse. Once inserted, the silicone covered vibe will stimulate the clit and the g-spot of the person wearing it as well as the person inside or rubbing against it. If that’s not enough to impress you, it comes with a remote and... an app. Yes, that’s right, an app. Just download the app to your mobile device, pair it with the toy, and you’ll be good to go! But wait, there’s more! In the app, you can create and save your own custom vibe patterns or sync it to music. Talk about a musical experience! Not only does this mean you can use it for a naughty date night at the movies, but as long as you and your partner have access to wi-fi, you can play anywhere in the world!


Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Bondage Kit by Pipedream

If you’re looking to shake things up in the bedroom, but don’t know where to start, this kit is perfect for you! With ten different toys designed to stimulate the senses, you and your partner can figure out what makes you both tick!

Blow Each Other Away by Jaiya

Maybe your partner hasn’t quite gotten the hang of oral. Maybe you’re just in the mood for something different. Maybe you’ve never gone down on your partner and need some guidance. Whatever the case may be, this book is chock full of information and advice. Written by author and sex therapist Jaiya, you’ll get a healthy dose of perspective about the importance of oral as well as some absolutely stellar tips and tricks! Grab this book for a surefire away to spice up your next sack session!


Come Together by Evolved

If you’ve looking for a harnessless strap on or have read our recent post about pegging (Link: http://www.lionsden.com/blog/Pegging-FAQ/), this toy will blow both of your minds! Using kegal muscles to keep it in place, this wearable strap on is hours of fun. Not only does it have a five year warranty, it is also completely rechargeable and water submersible. The best part is, it has three separate motors so you and your partner can customize your own vibration preference so you’ll both get exactly what you want out of your experience!

Neon Wand by KinkLab

I’m not going to lie… this is not something for the faint of heart. This wand is plugged into the wall and generates electricity through the various attachments. The toy isn’t designed to be a series of shocks, but rather a continuous flow of electricity. Tease your partner with it or tie them up and make them squirm!


Scandal Over the Door Love Swing by California Exotics

If your toy drawer runneth over, this door sex swing might be your ticket to a happy sex life this holiday season. This comfortably padded swing is easy to use and allows for deep and passionate penetration. It requires no installation, you just need a sturdy door and a willing partner!


B-Vibe Rimming Plug by B-Vibe

The first of its kind, this remote controlled plug is designed to simulate a rimming sensation. Made for both men and women, the B-Vibe comes with over 12 modes of rotating and vibrating ecstasy. Want to make your partner squirm? Grab the wireless remote and take control of their pleasure! This toy comes in both standard size (4.5 insertable inches) and petite (3.9 insertable), so it’s perfect for both newcomers and professionals alike!


Lock N Play Remote Panty Teaser by California Exotics

In the mood to get naughty on date night? This long range panty teaser is designed to clip into pair of undies she already owns (so no need to worry about sizing). With 12 functions and speeds to choose from, you can surprise and delight your lover with a single click of a button. Both the remote and the vibe are rechargeable so fussing with batteries is never a problem. Plus, with run time of 70 minutes, you can tease your partner so both of you are ready to go by the time you get home!


Charged O Hare Wearable Rabbit Vibe by Screaming O

It’s easy to transform your partner into your new favorite plaything with this wearable rabbit vibe. With a ring for the testicles and one for the shaft, the O Hare stays in place to help keep the penis hard. The vibrations sensation can be enjoyed by both partners, but the vibrating rabbit ears are meant to tickle the clit to orgasm. Made of sturdy silicone you don’t have to worry about it snapping and the rechargeable vibe means more power for the both of you!

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