19 Nov

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Pleasure products manufacturers have long taken care to use quality materials, and now some are starting to take more eco-friendly products in addition to taking serious steps to lower their carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet. Consumers can take steps as well to have greener sex and be more eco-friendly.

Extend a Sex Toy’s Life

Upgrade your existing sex toys with minor adjustments. Have a vibrator that has completely died? It still works as a dildo. Turn a dildo into a vibrator by adding a vibrating cock ring at the base. Blush Novelties’ Stay Hard Reuseable Cock Ring and RingMaster’s Clit Flicker Support Ring are great options since they are both super stretchy. Added bonus: they both have removable bullet vibrators that can be used on their own, increasing your sex toy count.

Mindful of Materials

Glass, wood and metal are good materials that will last for years if cared for properly. The Slimline G-Spot Glass Dildo is curved for better G-spot stimulation. The Firefly Glass Ace Buttplug from NS Novelties has the added draw of being glow-in-the-dark. 

To Recharge, or Not to Recharge

Battery-operated toys have their appeal since there’s no wait time to use them and they can be pretty powerful. For guys, there the PDX Elite Moto Bator vibrating stroker from Pipedream Products. For women, Blush Novelties has the Sexy Things Butterfly Thruster Mini. Regardless of the product, just be sure to use rechargeable batteries.

Find Eco-Friendly Toys

This move is becoming easier every day as more companies start creating items using materials and manufacturing practices that are kinder to the environment. The Doxy Die Cast 3 Vibrating Wand has a aluminum/titanium alloy body that is less toxic. And the Gaia Eco Bullet from Blush Novelties is made from a plant-based plastic that is safe for the environment. 

Check Out That Package

Keep an eye out for products with recyclable packaging. Sliquid’s Soak line of bubble baths come in completely recyclable plastic bottles. Jimmyjane works to use recyclable paper packaging for its products, including the popular Form 2 massager. 

Consider Going Vegan

More and more companies are using vegan ingredients in the products, making it easier than ever to be kind to animals. CalExotics used vegan leather to create the Her Royal Harness strap-on harness. Several lubricants also boast vegan ingredients, including Intimate Earth’s Pure Vegan Oral  Pleasure Glide.

Care For Your Toy, Care for the Planet

Properly caring for your sex toys means they will last longer, so you won’t be shipping to the landfill as quickly.  Keep them stored when not in use so they won’t collect dust. Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit range features a number of silicone zipper storage bags, including the Wow Storage Bag. BMS Entertprises has a larger storage option with its Lockable Toy Chest, which comes in black, purple or pink.

Avoid Phthalates  …

Not to get too “science,” but phthalates are compounds created by reacting ophthalmic anhydride with certain alcohols. Studies have shown them to cause reproductive and developmental toxins. Tantus Inc. manufacturers silicone dildos that are phthalate-free, including the Tantus Acute Dildo. Vedo toys, such as the Vedo ROQ Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring, are made from silicone, are phthalate-free and are RoHS compliant.

… And Parabens Too

Parabens are synthetic preservatives and previously were used in many lubricants. Most manufacturers these days are creating formulas that are paragon-free, including Swiss Navy’s Paraben and Glycerin Free Lubricant, and Wicked Sensual Care’s Simply Hybrid Lubricant.

Don’t Panic, Just Take Precautions

If you are worried that your toy might not be the most eco-friendly option, there’s no need to pitch it out. The easiest step to take is to use a condom with your vibrator or dildo. One Super Studs Lubricated Latex Condoms amp up the fun with their extra large studs for added stimulation. L.A. Confidential has Silky Touch Extra Lubricated Condoms make it easy to use the toy with less muss and fuss since they are already lubricated.

12 Nov


When it comes to intimate lubricants, there are so many “fish in the sea”, it’s hard to know how to choose the lube that’s right for you. Hopefully, our friendly guide will put you on the right path to lubricant bliss!

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05 Nov


Technically, your vagina is self-cleaning, so when we talk about intimate cleansing we’re really referring to vulvar health. The vulva is the front door to your vagina and it includes most of what you can see with a hand mirror and some good lighting—labia, mons pubis, perineum, clitoris, and more. In addition to looking pretty cool and being a pleasure center, the vulva protects the vagina from harmful bacteria and helps maintain pH balance. Since you’re concentrating on self-care, these days, don’t you think it might be time to return the favor?

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01 Oct

Learn About Vibrators 101

Now that you’ve gotten an understanding from our Vibrators 101 course on some of the various type vibrators that exist, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty.


Clit Vibrators

These little babies are also known as “bullets”. They are typically no more three inches in length and are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. While the name of these vibrators come from the shape and size of a bullet, they can also come in more modern designs and textures.

Discreet Vibrators

This style vibe is exactly as its name implies; discreet. The purpose of the design is to ensure that no one can tell by looking at it what power it really holds. Though they will come in a variety of designs, lipstick and mascara tubes are some of the more common designs.

Egg Vibrators

When it comes to vibes, the sex toy industry doesn’t beat around the bush. This kind of vibe is oval in shape and looks like, well… an egg! More often than not, this older style vibe will come with a remote with a cord attaching them. This vibes is usually used for clitoral stimulation and will have a deeper, more rumbly vibration sensation.

G Spot Vibrators

To review from our Vibrators 101 course: G-spot massagers are intended for internal use. Most will have a slim, straight shaft with an egg shaped bulb on the end. This bulb, once inserted, will massage the g-spot that is located about 2-3 inches inside the opening of the vagina. Being that the g-spot is part of the clitoral network, stimulation in this area can result in an intense orgasm.


Also known as “wands”, this style toy look similar to a microphone with a bulbous vibrating head and a shaft to maneuver. If you want a lot of power, the original design that plugs into the wall is going to be your best bet. With technological advancements, however, these do also come in rechargeable options. The frequency at which these vibrate offers a deeper, rumbling sensation that is intended for external stimulation (though you can get attachments for internal stimulation if you are looking to really rock your world).

Penis Shaped Vibrators

Like the human penis, the penis shaped vibes will come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and grooves. You will have the option to choose from vibes of this style that take batteries or are rechargeable. There will also be the option of a more realistic feel, a firmer TPC, or a soft silicone. Make sure to checkout our Dildo 101 blog for more information on these different material types! (LINK)

Pocket Rocket Vibes

An oldie but goldie, the pocket rocket refers to a very specific style and design of vibe. Coming in around four inches in length, the design of this vibe will come three small, metal nubs on top. It will also usually have a removable number cap which will offer two stimulating textures. These will typically take one AA battery and have only one speed.

Rabbit Vibrators

With a longer shaft for insertion and a smaller vibe on top, this style toy will offer both internal and external stimulation at the same time! Rabbit vibes tend to be what most people think of when they first considering getting themselves a toy. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and functions so try to keep that in mind while shopping.

Remote Control Vibrators

If you are looking to mix things up with your partner and let them have control over your vibe or you’re looking for a hands-free ride, these bullets are just what you need. Remote control vibrators will come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Remote capabilities can vary from a simple on/off or can allow the user to customize their own patters (or, in some cases, vibrate to the beat of music!).

Slimline Vibrators

These vibes are longer than your standard bullet and range in size from about 4-7 inches. These are primarily used for internal stimulation, though they can also be used externally if you have any mobility/dexterity issues. These typically tend to be on the slimmer side and are usually smooth.

Water Resistant Vibrators

This is a fantastic feature that more ad more toy companies are offering now. This feature offers a seal or barrier which prevents moisture from getting inside the machinery of your toy. One thing to note is that while many toys will advertise that they are “waterproof” or “water resistant”, this does not always mean they are water submersible. The difference being that waterproof toys are safe to take in the shower, but not in the bath.

Wearable Vibrators

As the name would suggest, these vibrators are worn in the vagina or anus or will clip to underwear for secret clitoral stimulation. More often than not, this style of wearable vibe will come with a remote, which can either be controlled by the wearer or given to a partner for discreet public stimulation.


Now that you have a better idea of just exactly how many options there are out there for vibrators, we hope it helps you make a more informed decision as to what will help you achieve the orgasm of your dreams. And remember, if ever you need assistance, don’t hesitate to swing by your local Lion’s Den or chat with our online representatives for assistance in selecting the right toy for you!

21 May

How to Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles

There are some fake dating profiles out there, but some can be difficult to spot. We provide you with information that can help you figure it out.


Learn How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles Online

As mentioned in this article, with more and more people spending so much time on social media, there are increasing worries about how sites might be affecting our relationships. When you join online dating platforms, you’re searching for someone you can spend the rest of your life with and form a genuine connection to. This is why it can be disheartening to come across fake online dating profiles. Our dating experts have shared important information about fake profiles and how to spot them quickly so you don't get sucked into a conversation with someone who doesn't exist.


Lack of Photos

This is normally a good indication that it is a fake profile as they have used someone else’s photos from wherever they can get them to make the profile. Some people are a bit more camera shy but if you’re not seeing plenty of photos, then it is a good indication that the profile may be a fake.


Lack of Information

Someone who is just setting up a fake profile to have some fun isn’t normally going to pour a lot of information on their profile. So, if the information looks generic or there simply is not a lot to go on, then this could indicate that the profile is not genuine.


Check Social Media Profiles

If someone is genuine, then you’re likely to be able to find their presence on other social media platforms. You don’t want to snoop on someone’s privacy but simply looking them up isn’t harmful. However, you shouldn’t be delving into someone’s profile especially if you want to create a real connection with someone.


You Never Seem to Meet-Up

Perhaps you have been chatting for a while and you have always been meaning to meet-up, but something keeps coming up. If they seem to never be able to meet-up – even when you’ve changed times and days – then this may be an indication that they are not genuine about finding love and have created a profile simply for fun.


They Avoid Video Chat

Modern technology allows us to connect no matter where we are, so it is quite strange when someone completely avoids video chats with you. This indicates that they don’t want to show you their face and may have set-up a profile using someone else’s information and photos.


They Request Money from You

A lot of people set-up fake dating profiles as a way to make money from people. They may not ask directly from you but may always hint that they are in a bad financial situation or that something has happened. It is always wise to be careful and if you haven’t met them or know them well enough, then sending them money is a bad idea and a huge indication that the profile may be fake.


They Send You Random, Mysterious Links

If a profile is fake, then they may be sending you a variety of weird links all the time. This may be to connect you to another scam or to somehow wrangle personal information out of you. It is always best to be wise when online, so be cautious when you receive something from someone on a dating site.


Are There Discrepancies in Their Story?

If you care for someone or want to get to know them, then you’re likely to retain a lot of what they tell you. If someone has a fake profile, then you may begin to spot lies or holes in their story. This is because it is hard to keep up with lies and they may forget what they have told you.


Those are the main ways to spot a fake online dating profile. Keep safe while looking online and don’t get too disheartened if you end up chatting with someone who isn’t as genuine as other people online.


By: Amily Bronte

Blogger, freelance writer, and a personal branding enthusiast.

16 Apr

It's Testicular Cancer Awareness Month!

Yes, There is a Whole Month Devoted To Testicles

Cancer is a rather sensitive subject for most people as most of us know someone who has or has had cancer. It can be brutal and watching a love one suffers is of the worst things a human can experience. This is why awareness is key, and yes, this is why we have a whole month dedicated to balls. Happy Testicular Cancer Month.

            Testicles love to give false alarms. There are all kinds of cysts, growths, and enlarged blood vessels that look and feel fatal but are actually completely survivable and virtually harmless. If you find any abnormality in your testicles, of course, you should consult with your doctor or urologist, however, understand that burning balls don’t mean cancer.

            We honor Testicular Cancer Month to start important conversations about testicular cancer because it is one of the most survivable strains of cancer especially with early detection. Not to mention, it is most prominent in men ages 18-40 years old. However, if you catch testicular cancer in stage 1, you have a 99% survival rate. So, now your question is how do I know I have testicle cancer?

            The simple answer is self-examination. From puberty women are taught to massage on their breasts monthly looking for lumps and abnormalities so as to catch breast cancer early. You use this same method to check your testicles for abnormalities.

 It is suggested that you soap up your testicles in the shower to make them smooth enough to massage with your fingers. You will then use one or both hands to massage your testicles. Not only should you be doing this to learn what your testicles normally feel like so you can catch an abnormality quickly, but also because you could, in fact catch an abnormality. It is recommended you self-examine your testicles once a month. This way, if you develop an abnormality, you will be able to catch it within 30 days, get the treatment you need and continue being an active participant in life.

            If during examination you find a lump or bump, you will go to the doctor who will physically and sometimes ultrasonically examine the testicles for malignancy. Then they will remove the tumor and testicle, replace it with an artificial testicle (upon request) and you’ll continue being an active participant in life.

            And of course, the question you’ve been waiting on: what about sex? According to cancerresearchuk.com, “Most men with testicular cancer have surgery to remove the affected testicle. Having one testicle removed shouldn't affect your long term: ability to father children (fertility), sexual performance, [and] sex drive (libido). No worries there!

The important thing to remember here is that testicular cancer is only 99% survivavable if it is caught early. It can’t be taught early if testicle owner’s aren’t taught to self-examine. Let this month be a reminder and a symbol of you taking care of your reproductive health. There are plenty of people who want you around for a long time so just massage your balls and save your life.


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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16 Apr

High, Nice to See You Again

We have a very special day approaching us. 4/20 is almost here. 4/20 is the national celebration of marijuana and all of the great vibes and interesting stories it has provided us. But, as most of us know, Marijuana has its medicinal uses as well. According to Youth Europa, it can, “relieve chronic pain, improve lung compacity, help lose weight, help regulate or prevent diabetes, fight cancer, beat depression, shows promise in autism treatment, regulate seizures, mend bones, help with ADHD/ADD, treatment for glaucoma, alleviate anxiety, slow development of Alzheimer’s disease, help with PTSD symptoms, provide relief to […] multiple sclerosis, [help with hepatitis C], treat inflammatory bowel disease, and help with Tremors in Parkinson’s patients.”

I KNOW, it’s basically the cure to everything (which is probably why it has its own day of the year). But beyond that, marijuana and CBD (Cannabidiol) do a lot in the sex department as well. Marijuana is not only am aphrodisiac (or arousal stimulant), but it heightens your senses so every sensation you could feel during sex, you feel it way deeper than you ever could without a little Marijuana.

Additionally, because marijuana helps with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, it lowers risk or erectile disfunction or ED. ED is typically caused by some sort of inner battle or combat within the mind, which can be eased or inhibited by marijuana. They say that our brain is our biggest sex organ. If we are able to relax of the day’s stresses, the work chaos, the family feuds, the car issues, or financial problems, etc., we are able to lock into the moment. This makes for a blissful sexual experience and a much needed get away.

Lastly, CBD products (although they don’t contain THC) are used in a lot of lubricants these days. They are especially helpful for those who have trouble reaching orgasm or just want extra sensation. The CBD is able to stimulate whatever body part they want to put it on, and its aphrodisiac properties get to work making you more than ready for sexual attention. So now that you’re an expert on all things marijuana/CBD, what will you be using marijuana for this 4/20??


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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09 Apr

Exploring BDSM with NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear

Tapping into your naughty side just got more fun with the NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear. Today I’m going to talk about three products that you can use to spice things up in the bedroom and stimulate your physical and mentally.


  • Made of Vinyl, ABS Plastic, Nickel-Free Hardware, and Leather
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great for Bedroom Fun and Roleplay
  • Available in colors Pink and Black

Tiffy’s Take

All of the NS Novelties have a geometrical design with some shiny accents which adds contrast and depth to their designs. Because these are designed for beginners, they are lightweight and easy to hold in the hand because the geometrical design gives the gear some added texture to it. No let’s talk about the gear.

Sinful Ball Gag: The ball gag is quite comfortable even after being worn for extended periods of time. It has a nice amount of holes for breathing but try not to bite down too hard on it. The sexiest part about using this gag is when my partner puts it on for me.

Sinful Paddle: I’m always up for a good spanking and this paddle does the job. This item is the heaviest out of the bunch while still remaining decently light. It does deliver a nice sting and you can also use the textured side to imprint those geometrical shapes on to your partner’s body.

Sinful Whip: The Sinful Whip is probably my favorite item because I like tracing all over my partners body with it before giving him a nice whipping. With his consent of course. Because it’s so light, it doesn’t give a harsh sting even when applying allot of force to it.

There are so many ways to use these sinful accessories to spice things up in the bedroom. Roleplaying in particular is one of my favorite ways to use them as it allows me and partner to turn fantasy into reality. Dimming the lights, playing some sexy instrumental music, and adding some sexy lingerie as the cherry on top. I personally suggest having an open and honest conversation about what your sex goals are when it comes to roleplaying or exploring the idea of taking on new sexual experiences with your partner beforehand. Although spontaneity never hurt anyone either, am I right?

Final Thoughts

These NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear allow you explore and unleash your wild side. Exploring fantasies and experiences with your partners via roleplaying presents an opportunity to connect with your partner in ways that are typically not a part of your sex routine. Just remember to always practice consent.


CLICK HERE TO BUY BDSM toys by NS Novelties

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06 Apr

We Never Thought We’d Want to Go to Work So Badly!

As the Coronavirus has spread rapidly worldwide, I think it’s safe to say that one of the largest impacts of this pandemic is the hysteria, the fear of the end of the world, and the complete boredom of being quarantined in our houses to inhibit spreading of this potentially fatal virus.

            We have ALL wished we could work at home in our jammies for a living, but we are quickly realizing that our routine drives balance, gives us purpose, feels comfortable, and contributes deeply to our identity. As adults, we often fall into repetitive patterns and lose the youthfulness of exploration, discovery, rediscovery, adaptation, and optimism.

            Unfortunately, I can’t cure the coronavirus or stop the terrible affects it has had on part of our population. But I can give you some ideas of what to do to find peace amongst the hysteria, focus on the present instead of “impending doom” and stay mentally and physically occupied until we can return to life as normal.

            The mass chaos occurring on the news, in the grocery stores, and, the most obvious, on Facebook, is not healthy to constantly be feeding into our headspaces. It is important to be informed, but we all know if we pick our phone and check social media right now 80% of it is coronavirus related (and of course the other 20% is cute baby pictures and cat videos). It is not healthy to be sitting in your home consuming constant updates on something you have no control over. This is actually a great time to step away from social media and focus on you and your self-care. You’ve been provided this unique opportunity to reinvent what “day-to-day” life looks like, so grab a shovel and dig in. Reinvent the wheel!

            Combatting hysteria could be giving yourself a time limit on the amount of time a day you spend on social media and/or the news. It could include creating a new daily routine and include activities that bring you joy. Activities that are good for your soul and body. Get your groove back by YouTubing some yoga tutorials, reading a really good book, finding a great show to binge on Netflix, look up DIY facial recipes and have a spa day, or better yet, create a pleasure box. Get an old shoe box, decorate it in a way that makes you feel warm and safe. Then, fill it with all things that bring you pleasure such as sex toys, arousal oils, lotions, barrier methods, strap-ons, whatever you like! Then put it in a special place so you know where to go when you need some toe-curling pleasure.

            Speaking of pleasure, this is also a wonderful time to check back into your body. As we grow and our bodies change, our desires change. Take out your pleasure box and try some new things. Rediscover what your pleasure looks like these days. You may discover you’re infatuated with a sensation you’ve never tried before (that will lift your mood for sure!)

            Lastly, one of the hardest parts of this epidemic is social distancing. Early diagnosis has not yet been figured out so we could be spreading the disease before we even know we have it. This is why most of us are working and schooling from home. But social interaction is an important part of our mood, our energy, our productivity, and more. Being stuck in your home may be extremely upsetting because we don’t get the burst of oxytocin from when a friend hugs us or the flood of relief when a friend understands how we feel.

            But, again, I feel this is a fantastic opportunity for rediscovery. We have gotten so comfortable in our ways of connecting with one another that we have fallen into a routine. Now we have a chance to challenge that routine and find new and fun ways to virtually connect with the ones which we love. Facetime dates, Netflix’s new “Party” function where you can watch Netflix with a friend via the TV or computer, etc. You can send scandalous pictures to your partner to keep the sexual energy alive and/or play virtual games on your phone that allow you to invite your friends to play along. There hundreds of ways to connect digitally and now is the time to explore them all.

            Let’s face it, coronavirus sucks. But right now, we can’t fix it. What we CAN fix is how we choose to feel about our current circumstances, what we choose to do with our extra time, and how we plan to beat the system and still connect with the fam despite social distancing. What will you be achieving during this time?


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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02 Apr

I Want My Body Back

*TRIGGER WARNING* Account of Sexual Assault

April is the month that we set aside to observe sexual assault, what it is, and the impact that it makes on individuals all over the world. While we should be educating on sexual assault all year, we take this month to specifically honor survivors and educate the public of the growing issue of stolen autonomy. According to National Day Calendar, “The term ‘sexual assault’ is a large umbrella and includes all of the following: rape, molestation, unwanted sexual contact of any other form, sexual harassment, incest, child abuse, sexual violence (even with an intimate partner), sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and voyeurism.”

            If we wear a jacket and get it dirty, we wash it. If we make a spill on the counter, we grab a paper towel and wipe it up. But there is no amount of cleaning supplies that can wipe the rape off of a victim. Your body receives the trauma and likely won’t let go of it. Some victims suffer trauma symptoms years after they were last assaulted. Imagine not feeling safe in the only armor you have: your skin.

            It is for this reason that we commemorate this month to victims who have lost their lives and their autonomy, to those who are survivors seeking to heal and find connection with their body once again, and to educate those who may not have experienced sexual assault but can help in making a difference.

            So, as we move through this month, I encourage you to not only find ways in your community to uplift and celebrate survivors, but also take the time to learn about sexual assault itself and how it affects others. The more you learn, the more you have the ability to pass valuable information to those around you, save lives, and help others save lives too. No one wants to feel trapped in a cage of skin rather than feeling strong and in complete control in their body.

            If you are a survivor, you are enough. You are complete. You are in control. You are the owner of your body. You belong here. Anything you have experienced is not your fault. You are a warrior and you have a testimony to use to educate those around you.

            If you are an ally, please listen. Pass the mic to those who may never get it so they can tell their story and make a difference. Understand that sexual assault is not a common cold, the healing process can take a life time. Be patient, be understanding, and use your knowledge to make the world a safer place.

How will you be honoring Sexual Assault month?


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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