Picking the Perfect Gift

Looking for a different gift that will really please your partner? Sex toys can be the perfect gift, because not only with it please them, but it’s sure to please you too!

Gifts for Women

Want to give her something new and exciting? Try some of these winners:

Massage Oils - Nothing can be quite as sexy and relaxing as a good massage from your partner. Give her a coupon for a free massage and through in a new massage oil in the mix. She will be delighted with your choice of edible or warming massage oils.

Stimulating Creams - Is she looking for something extra or different to add to your play? Give her a bottle of warming lube or Screaming O cream to add extra fun for a Christmas treat.

Bondage Kit - What better way to start Christmas morning than to have her unwrap a new bondage set? Then you can do a little unwrapping of your own once you make it to the bed. Treat her to a happy holiday night with some handcuffs, 50 Shades of Grey Bondage Kit, or more!

Vibrator - Give her the gift that keeps on giving. A bullet or smaller vibrator is a perfect toy, she can use it by herself or with you in the bed. Show you care about her pleasure with the perfect USB charging bullet or 50 Shades of Grey Vibrator.

Sensory Toys - Already have a bondage kit? Take your foreplay game to the next level with a gift of sensory toys! Buy her a rose to dance along her skin while she’s tied up. Get a feather wand, blindfold, paddle, or whip and blow her mind with sensory overload.

Gifts for Men

Want to surprise him with something you know he’ll love? Give him a Christmas he’ll never forget:

Cock Rings - Did you know that most men like the feeling of a vibration, not just women? Give the gift that can please both you and him in bed with the rabbit ears cock ring or a Screaming O cock ring.

Sexy Outfit - Surprise him Christmas Morning when you become the present to unwrap! Get a sexy nurse outfit or police outfit and give him a treat!

Free Sexy Dance - Give him one Christmas present he’ll ask for again and again. Buy a sexy dancer’s outfit and give him a coupon for a free dance. Have him sit either on your bed or in a chair and give him a dance he’s only dreamed about!

Bondage Kit - Always wanted to try out some restraints? Give him a bondage kit for Christmas, a gift that keeps on giving! Strap him down to the bed with some handcuffs or bed restraints and you’ll have him at your mercy.

Anal Toys - Either one of you curious about anal play? Give your man a beginners anal toy set. Either one of you could use it with care and have fun with experimentation and pleasure.