03 Jan

New Year, New Be You

In a world that constantly encourages you to change, it's bold to be yourself.

Most New Year’s resolutions involve changing something about yourself, taking something away, or adding something else. And change is great if that’s what you want, but we’d like to encourage you to embrace yourself in 2022

Learning to love yourself—to really learn who you are and how to love all the parts of you that feel hard to embrace—is the best New Year’s resolution we can think of. 

And what makes a resolution? It’s defined as a firm decision to do something. And determining to love and accept yourself as you are is a conscious choice. Self-love, self-assuredness, and confidence don’t just happen. It’s a learned practice you have to work toward every day. And it is so worth it. 

The best part about being yourself is that there’s no one else who could do it. You are the only you and that’s pretty special. Welcome your quirks, the unique features of your personality. 

If you’ve got something you’re into or something you have always wanted to explore, we’ve got something to help. Exploring your sexuality is a great way to explore yourself. You like what you like, and you deserve the freedom to indulge in the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. And if you haven’t discovered what does it for you yet, that’s part of the fun. 

You have to live in your body, in your head for your whole life. While you’re here, let’s find ways that make you feel alive. It’s important to find things that make your life feel like you’re living your life to the fullest: spiritually, physically, emotionally, sexually. 

This New Year, focus on finding and falling in love with who you are.

It’s a new year—be you

Happy New Year from your friends at Lion’s Den.

31 Dec

Achieving Your Sex Goals with your New Year’s Resolutions

As the hype of the New Year came and went, many of us have found ourselves facing the New Year Blues. That point where all the goals you have made have somehow seemed to disappear into the abyss. Fear not my friends. All of your new year’s resolution goals are still worth accomplishing. Sex-related or not, though this one is sex-specific, here are some tips to help you become more consistent in reaching your sex goals.

1.    Re-Evaluate Your List

If you have already made a list of different goals you want to achieve, by now you have already crossed some off the list as you may have come to the conclusion that you probably were a little overzealous with some of the items you put on your list. Take your list and look it over. Look at the things you have decided weren’t worth attempting to achieve and why. My personal suggesting is finding specify in your items and maybe start with simpler tasks associate with the original items that are easier and comfortable to complete. Remember, baby steps.

2.    Check In With Your Partner and Yourself

If you made a list of goals with your partner, it’s a good idea to check in with them and re-evaluate your goals together. It’s important to make sure that you help each other reach your goals together if there items that you mutually agree on and are comfortable with completing. If there was a specific goal that you both didn’t agree on, have a conversation on why and decide if you should take the item off the list or take smaller steps towards completing it.

3.    Do Research if you’re Unsure

If you put a goal on your list that you don’t completely have all the info on but you still want to try it, do some research. You can read different articles on the internet, watch porn and other resources. Join a group online and ask questions. The idea is to find out more information and then form your own opinions. If you find yourself developing negative feelings towards new founded information, take a step back and process it, find out why.

4.    Masturbate More

Whether you goal is to have more orgasms or to have more meaningful sex, masturbation is a great tool for practically everything. You can create new fantasies and experience different sensations through masturbation. Masturbation also helps you understand how arousal and desire works for you based on the things that you like. Experimenting with different sex toys and techniques to find out what feels good or even better is an enlightening experience all on its own.

What’s a New Year’s Resolution you have already given up on?

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