5 Things You Can Do For The Best Valentine’s Day Possible

Valentine’s Day is, as we know it, the day of love. We take that one day to show the people in our lives just how much we really appreciate them for loving us. Some take it as an opportunity to embark on a night of romance with our significant other or make new connections for the first time. No matter how you do it, the planning that can be overwhelming and even stressful. To help with potentially alleviate some of that stress, here is a list of 5 things you can do to have the best Valentine’s Day possible.

Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute

This one should go without saying, but it still happens. Try your very best to not wait until the last minute to make plans. You will be pushing your luck if you think you’ll be able to get a reservation or get flowers and chocolates delivered in time for the big day when requested last minute. Not to mention the potential up charge and inconvenience fees, many establishments can charge for not planning in a timely manner. Instead, set a reminder in your calendar and start doing research on whatever you want to do. Inquire ahead of time about reservations and special orders. Some establishments might even give you a discount for ordering so far ahead of the big day.

Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Valentine’s Day

Realistically speaking, taking off a day of work for the day of love isn’t ideal for many. The majority of us need those sick days for actual days when we are really sick or have an emergency. If Valentine’s Day plans are not ideal, consider making plans for another day when both you and your significant other are free. You might also find that it will be a hell of a lot easier to get dinner reservations. It will also be easier to go out on a weekday when there are fewer crowds and buying gifts like flowers, chocolates, and cards aren’t over-priced.

Create A Gift Basket Of Useful Things

If your significant other isn’t into Valentine’s Day, but you still want to get them something special, curating a gift basket filled with their favorite things is a great idea! I always say that the best gifts I've received are the ones I still use. And don’t get me wrong. I love getting and giving flowers to the significant people in my life, but getting something I can use beyond that particular day, makes it all the more special because there was more thought put into it.

Ask Your Significant Other How They Would Like To Spend The Day

If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what you should do for your boo on Valentine’s Day, just ask them. Not everyone is into the surprise factor when it comes to doing something special for them. There’s actually a great deal of thought put into listening to your partner and their needs. Taking that one day to make it about them should have them included in the plan-making. You might even be surprised by their ideas.

Give Them A Spa Day

Giving your significant other a spa day is an excellent idea for many reasons. A couple’s spa day gives you and partner time to bond and connect with one another while sending them a spa day alone gives them some well-needed self-care time for themselves. If you know their favorite wax studio, nail or hair salon, you can inquire about gift certificates or let them decide what service they would like to get done and pay for it.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do for your significant other is to be thoughtful in your gift. Being thoughtful doesn’t take much effort. The time you put aside for planning something special is such beautiful labor of love in itself. With the littlest bit of time management and resourcefulness, you’d be surprised at the fantastic ideas you can come up with.


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