So Much for Panties


BRAND: Seven Til Midnight

ITEM: 10928P "Lace Triangle Bra and Strappy Panty Set"


It’s time to review another set of lingerie from Lion’s Den. This time I am reviewing Seven Til Midnight again! This is one of their boxed lingerie sets and, even though I prefer hanging collections, the aesthetic of this emerald and teal piece called to me.

The top bra lace is soft, subtle and has a delicate necklace that attaches to the center bra as well as a matching ribbon tie for additional criss-crossing goodness. The matching panties add a fun strappy aesthetic with the caged design and garter straps. …and what a surprise I got when I went to put them on (but more on that later).

It really was the necklace piece that sold me; I’m really into the body chain jewelry these days. It’s just such a fun accessory and I love the idea of it for lingerie! Okay. Let’s really break down this set because there’s a lot to go over.

S - Sexuality

is a B+. Even though this is a super sexy piece, it just feels like there could be more appeal to it. I wanna say the ribbons should be swapped for an adjustable elastic cage piece that mimics the panties…or lack there of…(I promise I’ll tell you what I discovered!)

C - Comfort

The soft material gives this a high score but the ribbon tie design drops it. Having something tied at your waistline isn’t all that comfortable when movement is needed…and come on, if you’re wearing it in daily life, then you’re walking and eating (so duh) and if you’re wearing it for bedroom fun…well, movement is really needed (double duh). So this one gets a C+

Also, there was a slight annoyance with the center fabric piece that connects the bra to the tie skirt…it was too long (which is impressive for someone with as long a torso as mine)! 

R - Reliability

As soon as I went to put this on, one of the ribbon’s stitching at the center of the bra pulled apart. I had to do a quick fix so it could be worn for the photos…but no one wants to buy something that immediately falls apart, which brings me to….

A - Affordability

The price on this piece is $24.99. For the style, I can agree with this but the quality versus the price is something I don’t agree with. I’d have been more understanding for the piece being $15 or under. Que sera, sera.

P - Practicality 

This is where my choice gets a little two-sided. First off, NO WHERE on the package does it say “crotchless panties” but that is definitely what they are! So imagine my surprise when I was pulling them out of the package moments before doing some photos in them! (luckily, a needle and thread was available to take this set from a NSFW to ehhhh kinda SFW) Okay, so yeah, these are definitely practical for some easy access bedroom needs, but not so much for daily wear. And when you buy them thinking they could be daily wear only to find out half of the underwear are missing…I have to rate this a C.

Well, hopefully this will educate you a bit before your next purchase. I, for sure now, will be checking whether there are actuallay panties in the box…or just a loin cloth.


Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs

Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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