Traveling for the Holidays? Make Sure to Pack Your Pleasure!


The holidays are here and many of us are traveling back home or going on vacation. However, that is not a reason to neglect your pleasure. So how do I even pack my sex toys in a discreet way while also keeping them safe and clean? No worries. As someone who has recently flown across the country with my sex toys, I have all the tips to make sure you are fully prepared to travel without leaving your pleasure behind.

1.) Remove or Run Down the Battery

This may be a buzz kill (pun intended), but traveling with toys that have no likelihood of turning on due to a dead or removed battery will save you much embarrassment and hassle if your bag starts vibrating. So, bring batteries or your charger with you and bring your toy back to life whenever you’ve made it to your final destination.


2.) Conceal Your Toys

A lot of sex toys come with bags to store them in to maintain cleanliness and keep them discreet. Utilize these bags when traveling. But, if your toy didn’t come with one, you can also use a small, clean, toiletry bag to store it in to maintain discreetness as well. If you don’t have either of those, use a zip-lock bag to at least keep it from being exposed to germs and bacteria and wrap the bag in an item of clothing to maintain discreetness if that is important to you.


3.) If You’re Flying, Put Your Toys in Your Checked Bag

TSA does allow adult toys to be transported, however, if you don’t put your toys in your checked bag, you may be asked to remove your toy from your carry on when they scan your carry-on items. This may cause unwanted attention. If this is the case for you, avoid it by keeping all toys in your checked bag and not having to worry about potential embarrassment.


4.) Don’t forget to Bring a Mild Soap or Toy Cleanser

Even if your toy is stowed in a bag of some sort, it’s still important to clean your sex toys before and after usage. Ensure you bring the appropriate cleaning agent for your toy so you can maintain cleanliness throughout your entire trip. But also ensure your cleaning agent is either travel friendly and won’t bust open during travel or is stowed in a zip-lock bag.


5.) Put Your Lubricant in Travel Bottles or a Plastic Bag

I love a good lubricant, but they usually don’t come in travel friendly packaging. With all of the tossing and moving of bags involved in travel, it’s likely your lubricant may open and spill in your bag. To avoid this, put it in a zip-lock bag or transfer some into a travel sized bottle that is sturdier and better for travel.

Now you’re a pro. You are prepared to travel with your sex toys in confidence and ease. No matter where you are going, don’t forget your favorite toys on your packing list. Happy Holidays and may your travel be filled with orgasmic bliss. 


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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