Pretty, pink, and 30


BRAND: Roma Confidential

ITEM: "Pink Chic Cozy Collared Satin Romper with Tie"


This month, I wanted to do something fun that was also a little bit more personal. And this April I turned 30 which has been something I have been dreading since my teens. But I think that it all comes down to perspective and how I was raised. Being 30 meant I was supposed to have settled down into a “family” life and become like all the suburban moms I remember from my youth.

But turning this magical number did not automatically send out a beacon to my brain to become some far more boring version of myself. And getting old shouldn’t mean you have to stop having fun or living a 20-something lifestyle with wild nights and sexy negligee.

S - Sexuality

There isn’t much immediately noticeable sexual appeal to this romper until you put it on. Then you notice the deep v-neck with collar that will help focus on what’s just out of view. And then the skimpy (but still classy) shorts that are complimented by a playful waist sash. So I am going to rate this as a B+

C - Comfort

A solid A for the comfort level. Since I’m taller, the shorts did feel they were riding up a little higher than they should have, but this may be remedied by just a size up. I LOVE the soft and silky satin - perfect for just out of a bubble bath.

R - Reliability

A+ This romper is extremely well-made. I am in awe, actually! Something like this I usually see in the big lingerie boutiques. Well done, Roma!

A - Affordability

The Lion’s Den price on this item is $42.99 As I’ve said before, quality items like this can easily run upwards of $60 at a boutique! With this being the same quality at two thirds the price, this gets a solid A!

P - Practicality 

Definitely an A+ It’s meant for a cozy night in, treating yourself or sharing that treat with someone else and it definitely serves both purposes flawlessly.

So after you’re done from a crazy night or a long day at work, slip into this sexy-chic romper and then make a toast to yourself for being the badass babe you are, no matter your age!


Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs

Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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