Sometimes the best toys are the ones that you can find around the house!

Sex toys are an amazing step into the world of personal pleasure, but let’s face it, it can be scary buying something you’re not too certain you’ll actually like or use more than once. A specific style of toy known as a “pervertable” might be exactly what you’re looking for, and you might already have it at home!

Pervertables are essentially normal, everyday objects that, when properly cleaned, can provide some form of sexual satisfaction. Oftentimes these can be easily found in your house or even large chain stores. Here are some examples and different uses!

Wooden Cooking Utensils:

Think of a wooden spoon or spatula, these are perfect and incredibly common alternatives for a paddle! Using proper cleaning methods could include boiling or a mild soap and warm water. Make sure you dry them separately so they don’t harbor bacteria! The solid wood material is a great thuddy sensation and relatively light to practice with and see if you or your partner enjoy this kind of play. 


How about taking a step into sensation play with temperature! Ice is a great introduction to the various sensations that can be brought on by varying temperatures on the body. Be mindful of sharp edges on the ice cubes though as you don’t want to harm your partner at all. Otherwise, ice is 100% body safe considering it is made entirely of water and will melt after use. Some uses include bringing more sensitivity to different areas of the body as well as bringing heightened sensations to someone who is blindfolded. 


Rulers, similar to kitchen utensils, can be used for impact play and spanking, but can add a layer of role play to the scene as well. They can be associated with the mental side of the interaction and help get into the role they are fulfilling such as teacher/student. Additionally, because this is a thinner piece compared to the kitchen utensils, it will provide a slightly stingier sensation rather than thuddy, providing something different to the interaction. These can be cleaned relatively easily with disinfecting wipes or with mild soap and warm water. 

Robe Belt/Tie:

Leather belts are a relatively commonly used item for restraint, but something that might be a little better for a first timer will be the belt to a robe or a necktie. These are made of a much more gentle material and are easier to tie safely. This is a great introduction to restraining but also has the ability to be used as a gag or blindfold. Make sure to always have safe words in place if you need to get out quickly! These often can be cleaned by being thrown in the washer with regular clothes.