Give Thanks to Your Sexual Self

You are worth celebrating.

If you stop to think about it, it's a pretty miraculous thing that our consciousness exists in a physical body. 

Humans are very tactile creatures, and we have our bodies to thank for that. Taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight are what inform our experienced reality while we’re still on this side of the hereafter. Our senses are what allow us to experience pleasure. 

Aside from being tactile, humans are sexual creatures. We are born sexual beings! Our sexual identities, sexual desires, and sexual pleasure is an important part of the human experience. These aspects of ourselves shape our relationships with each other and ourselves. 

quote: "Humans are born sexual beings!" lion's den logo featured below quote.

The ability to explore and enjoy your sexuality deserves to be celebrated. You can show appreciation for your sexuality just by enjoying it, and acknowledging that you’re in control of what it is that makes you feel fulfilled and empowered. There’s something exciting about knowing you have the power to grant yourself your own satisfaction. That’s special. The next time you’re getting down with yourself or with a friend, keep that in mind. 

A mindset of appreciation will help to combat feelings of awkwardness or shame you might be harboring around sex. You get to be a sexual being. You are a sexual being. And you are unique in your sexuality while also being very human. While your sexuality is personal to you, it’s natural to humans. Your sexuality is something worth integrating into your mental health and wellness practices instead of isolating it. 

Quote: "A mindset of appreciation will help to combat feelings of awkwardness or shame you might be harboring around sex." Lion's Den logo featured below quote.

If you don’t feel in touch with your sexuality right now, or even if you don’t feel that connected to your body, you can still find ways to find gratitude in your body. Your senses help you experience that which gives life pleasure. You can taste, see, smell, touch, and/or hear all of the wonderful things in the world around you. It’s the little things. Enjoy them. 

Editor's note: We recognize that not every person has the same abilities. While we list all the senses above, some may experience sensations and pleasure differently than you, and it is worth examining ways in which we can create pleasure outside of heteronomativity and ableism. We encourage you to explore beyond what you already know about pleasure to understand all the magificant ways we can experience it.

While appreciating your own body and sexuality, remember to express your gratitude for your partner if you have one. It’s a big deal to allow another human access to your body. Let them know that you understand this, and you’re grateful to have been allowed into this deeply personal part of their life. 

Thank them, and thank them specifically. Acknowledge exactly what it is you love about them and what you appreciate about them. This will not only boost their confidence but also help to create a dynamic where you see each other’s value and work to make them continue to feel valued. Gratitude has a way of reshaping your mental landscape, helping you to see and appreciate the good more than you’re bothered by the bad. 

quote: "Give yourself permission to indulge and luxuriate in your senses this holiday season" Lion's Den logo pictured below quote.

Give yourself permission to indulge and luxuriate in your senses this holiday season. Take some extra time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. You don’t get to enjoy the seasonal good food, good smells, and good vibes every day, so appreciate this festive time of the rolling year. You deserve it.