JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups have become a widely popular trend in recent years as a new alternative to traditional pads and tampons. They care cost effective, better for the body and can be worn for extended periods of time. JimmyJane recently came out with their own version of the menstrual cup, and I want to give you the low down on them.




  • Flexible – Cups fold & bend for comfort & easy insertion
  • Body-Safe – Made from 100% FDA-cleared silicone
  • Comfort – Ergonomic design fits like a glove. Protective rims prevent leakage and spills
  • Protection – Leak-Free for up to 12 hours at a time
  • Reusable – Simply empty 2-3 times per 24 hours, wash & reinsert
  • 30 Day Limited Warranty – Worldwide warranty coverage


Regular Size Cup

  • Diameter: 1.8 in. (45mm)
  • Cup Length: 2 in. (50mm)
  • Total Length: 2.6 in. (65mm)
  • Capacity: 21mL

Small Size Cup

  • Diameter: 1.7 in. (43mm)
  • Cup Length: 1.6 in. (40mm)
  • Total Length: 2.2 in. (55mm)
  • Capacity: 14mL

Tiffy’s Take

I have to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of alternatives. Every vagina owner should have some type of method that works for them be it pads, tampons, and everything in between. The JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups work by being inserted into the vaginal canal just under the cervix where it will collects the menstrual blood. Because it is made of body-safe silicone, it does not absorb any bodily fluids, only collecting it. Because of that, the risk of toxic shock syndrome is nearly impossible and the cup can be worn for long periods of time without having to remove it.

The JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups come in two sizes: a small and large. Both can be worn for light and heavier days depending on preference, though the larger one is typically worn during heavier days. I love that they come with a storage bag in case you want to travel with your cup.

I personally enjoyed my personal experience with the JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups, specifically the smaller one. There is a bit of a learning curve when using the cups, specifically the folding methods used to insert the cup, as some folds work better than others for some users. I love wearing the cup to bed because I have the option to go commando if I want. Once you get the hang of it, removing the JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cup is fairly easy. I like that the silicone string attached isn’t too long and is rounded at the tip. If you are someone with a low cervix specifically, you will love this cup because of its bell shape and how it will sit in the vaginal canal. I think everyone should have an alternative to traditional methods and this is one of them.

Final Thoughts

The JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups are available in the colors purple and clear. These menstrual cups are a great alternative to traditional methods and is cost effective in the long run, as you do not have to keep replacing them. Not to mention, that the JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups are priced under $40! Check out your local Lion’s Den location for item availability.


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